We work with decision makers to:

  • Identify and understand the ecological value of land in order to inform decisions regarding acquisition, management, and divestment of property.
  • Plan and assess a sustainability strategy. We also help develop business opportunities as a result of regulation.
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities for previously unrecognized revenue streams derived from appropriate use of corporate lands through ecosystem markets markets and wetland mitigation banking.
  • Develop an appropriate toolbox of analytic models and methods to quantify ecosystem service benefits.
  • Apply methods and tools to evaluate land holdings to quantify the associated ecological benefits and value.
  • Adapt these methods and tools as needed and appropriate in order to optimize technical performance.
  • Incorporate these methods and tools into a decision-making framework for land-use that appropriately account for and prioritizes ecological benefits and value.
  • Map, measure, and quantify ecosystem services across the landscape