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Silver Lining Institute partners with decision makers looking for ways to leverage natural resource management practices that compensate business owners for maximizing ecological services. Coupling ecosystem service markets with risk management tools, we improve sustainability practices while increasing financial profit.

Business leaders are recognizing that natural resources are strategic assets that must be managed like any other critical capital asset. Life on earth depends on healthy and functioning ecosystem services, which produce goods and services that underpin our economy.This stock of ecosystem services can be thought of as ‘natural capital.’

Resource constraints represent a significant business risk; not only from the potential inability to source necessary inputs but from the threat of political and/or regulatory intervention into operations. Economic invisibility has been a major reason for the neglect of natural capital. Most ecosystem services are considered externalities and not accounted for in market economics; however, the rules of the game are changing as government and business alike recognize the importance of valuing natural capital.

Silver Lining Institute supports business efforts that integrate the value of natural capital into performance strategy, operations, accounting, and risk analysis by offering access to best practice examples, guidance, tools, connections to experts and potential partners from both the corporate and local communities.